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Hi, I'm Eloi

WordPress designer
& Full Stack Digital Marketer

A few years ago I embarked on the adventure of creating my own travel blog. Thanks to this and my experience in the private sector I was trained and learned all the ins and outs of the most used software nowadays to finally become a WordPress designer.

Dozens of projects later I’m here to help you turn your idea online into a page in a fast, professional and efficient way. Based on several years of experience, I consider myself a Full Stack Marketer, someone with expertise in several fields such as design, advertising, networking, digital content analysis, etc. and I consider them basic for any online project.

Additionally, I am an expert in Discourse, a software specialized in the creation of dynamic and modern communities and that can be the perfect complement to a web with WordPress.

Discover below how we will work together to make your project a real success and translate into more sales and more customers.

Why WordPress?

I’m going to give you some guidelines about the reasons to use WordPress, the software used in 40% of websites in the world and not a creator of paid websites like Wix or Squarespace.

It is customizable

With WordPress you can create almost any custom solution from blogs, store pages, online store, people pages, support centers, etc.

Is budget friendly

WordPress is an open source software that you can install for free. You pay for your server, domain, etc but never for its use.

Is responsive

Your WordPress website is easily adapted to cell phones and other devices. It is must today and I will make sure your website looks great on any smartphone

Is safe

WordPress allows you to integrate security plugins and I always recommend working with a secure SSL server.

SEO's friend

WordPress was born to be a blog manager and has become an infallible weapon for SEO as we can get our website positioned using on various plugins and good content.

It is measurable

WordPress easily integrates with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. From there, any measurement is possible or remarketing campaign is possible.

You own it

With WordPress you will be the owner of your website, your content and everything you put on it. You don't depend on eternal companies like Wix or similar that will charge you a fee every month for something that can be free!

Up to date

With WordPress you can create almost any custom solution from blogs, store pages, online store, support center, etc. It is always up to date and constantly updated.

Our workflow

Now that you know why to use WordPress let’s understand how we work together.

You have a great project in mind
Maybe you want a new website for your business, or you want to launch a product to the market, or you want to create a personal website, or you want to set up an affiliate marketing website or you want to...Currently there are many options for online presence and business. Together we will define your objectives, what you need and what suits you best.
Your idea is taking shape
In this step, once we have well defined your needs I will send you a proposal and a budget according to your needs. After your acceptance the journey towards the website we are looking for begins.
The magic begins
This is where my role as a WordPress designer is most important. I will shape your ideas into a perfect website for your needs and according to what we have previously agreed upon. Don't worry, I assure you it will look great.
Let's fly!
At this point, your website will be ready for what you had set out to do. It's time to move on to online advertising, analytics, mailing campaigns or a powerful social media branding strategy. You decide! You won't be alone, I'll accompany you at this moment with any doubt or problem that may arise.

What does my service include?

Below you will find everything that my basic service as a wordpress designer will include for your website to be fully functional from the first moment.

Do not worry if you do not understand some of these concepts, it is normal and I will explain them one by one so that everything is clear from the beginning. My commitment is to always deliver a website that works perfectly.

In addition, I offer other extra services that you can hire to build a great website.


Installation of WordPress and the chosen theme for your project as well as optimal configuration of your server and the technical part.


I work wit DIVI or Xstore theme for WooCommerce. I also work with ZEEN for blogs. All proven bestseller themes to fit any project


Responsive web design and optimization adapted to mobile browsing. Almost 80% of users connect from a smartphon in 2020!


Data is Key. Basic connection with Google Analytics to be able to analyze all the visits and important data that your web generates.


Depending on the theme and your needs I will adapt to your project with all the necessary plugins like Elementor, Yoast, W3 Cache, Image compres...


Privacy is important so I will implement the legal pages and cookie notices so that your site complies with all privacy laws in Europe or USA.


You will never be alone. I give you support during a month and I also include 2 hours of training for any questions that might arise from the site.


I want you to love your site and feel confident with it. To make sure everything looks the way you like it, I include in all packages two reviews of the job done.

What other services do I offer?

A mobile-friendly and functional website is the first step to being online, but it is not everything. For example, you need a network presence, quality content, logos and photos and probably Google or Facebook ads.

My job doesn’t end just simply being your WordPress designer. Thanks to several years of experience in Digital Marketing I can accompany you in this great adventure with total sincerity and dedication.


Do you want to know more about your data? Don't worry, I'm an expert in Google Analytics and we can squeeze every last drop out of your traffic.


If you want your business to be visible or reach more customers it is necessary to make online PPC campaigns. I am Google Ads certified for this.


Your website needs impressive content and images to differentiate you from the rest. Don't worry, I can help you with that too


Your presence on social networks like Facebook or Instagram can make a difference. Together we can make it a total success.


Do you need some professional photos of your business? Don't worry, I also offer you the best photo sessions with a profesional but affordable touch.


Translation of texts and creation of the multi-language website in Spanish, Catalan, English or any language you need.


Don't you want to worry about hosting or domain name? I have a high power VPS server to host your project and connect your email accounts.


I include support for one month to make sure everything is going well, but you can hire the annual support so you don't have to worry about anything else on a technical level.


Connection with Zapier, IFFT, etc. to automate your processes, from lead collection, networking posts and much more. You will gain many valuable hours!


Installation and creation of bots to automate tasks of answers to clients, chats, integration with clients such as Intercom, Zendesk, Landbot, etc.


One of the most important and sometimes forgotten aspects. You need a logo that conveys and a strong brand message.


With Discourse I manage and although WordPress is a good solution, discourse is better for creating your community.

How much does it cost?

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment! As your trusted wordpress designer, making an estimate requires a detailed study for each project so it is difficult to make an initial closed price without studying your idea and it would not be totally honest on my part. However, to make a good website with WordPress you have to invest hours and we are not talking about 2 or 3 exactly. Be wary if you make a website in a day because it surely lacks the myth of what is necessary.

The needs of each client and each idea can vary greatly, but as a rough guide, these are the prices I work with. All the websites include the basic services needed for your website to work perfectly.

Without these services your website will not work properly so the price really varies depending on how much content you want to create or if you want to set up an online store, as it involves more work than a corporate website without direct sales.

Below are some starting prices for a standard website and a website with ecommerce. (prices without VAT)



Ideal as a starting point for your online presence

The perfect pack for your product, business or brand.







If you want a website with all the perks

The most suitable pack for your online store




Make your own budget

If you prefer you can make a personalized budget yourself with your needs in my budget generator based on Woocommerce!


Some questions you may have when hiring me as a Freelance WordPress Designer

I’ve been designing websites with WordPress for almost 10 years and thanks to my experience in the private sector I’ve made dozens of different pages. I have the necessary experience, I am passionate about WordPress and my goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the result.

As a client I demand the best and therefore I also give the best in my work. I give you free support for 1 month and I will give you all the necessary advice on branding, online marketing, social networks, positioning, etc. to make your website a success.

The important thing is not only that you have a fast and beautiful website, but that this website brings you benefits, whether they are customers, sales, leads or the objective you have defined.

That’s a big question. Wix or Squarespace offer a very eye-catching product that makes you think designing a website is VERY easy. It’s true, they have a good product and it can work in certain cases.  And also, it can be easy to design something extremely basic, but it probably won’t help you achieve your goals. There are many articles on the internet about why not to use these platforms, but I’ll give you a mini summary:

For a web without ecommerce the plans cost 300 euros and 204 euros per year. For an ecommerce the price shoots up to 500 euros per year. In two years, you will already have more to account to contract my service and to have your own hosting.

You’re going to have to do it all yourself. Maybe you have some knowledge of design or marketing, but humbly, maybe someone who has been at it for years knows more. It’s like fixing your own car or letting a mechanic do it.

To get something cool you’re going to lose time. A lot of time. What is the cost of this time? Well, whatever you think you should charge as a designer 😉

WordPress is an open source system, supported by a community. It’s not a publicly traded company that’s behind it and you’re not giving them all your data.

There are many more reasons, but above all you cannot hire a WordPress developer to accompany you in your adventure and everything for your project.

The most important thing is to coordinate directly and effectively. For this I put at your disposal Whatsapp, Zoom, Hangouts or Slack depending on your needs.

That obviously depends on the complexity of it. How much I work on two projects at once to have the website ready as soon as possible. Anyway, knowing your project I can make a real estimate of the time needed with total sincerity. A well-done job requires time, although as a guide, a website in the basic plan can be ready in about 10 days.

I work with the premium theme Jupiter X and with Xstore for online stores. Anyway, if you already have another theme purchased we can see the feasibility of working with the one you have.

If you need it, yes. I have a private VPS server with maximum speed. When I make the budget I will include it in detail

The text and photos on the website are not included. You can provide them to me or you can hire the extra service of content and photography.

WordPress is great, without a doubt. But in this case I would recommend you to use another opensource software called Discourse. Luckily for you I know how to use it too. I manage a travel forum called where you can see how a community like this works. Contact me and we will set up yours!

Yes, it is possible. We should analyze your current website, the changes you want to make and your specific needs and adapt the budget accordingly. Contact me and we’ll talk about it!

You can pay by Paypal, bank transfer or Bizum. The payment will be made 50% at the beginning of the work and the rest at the end of it when everything is as we have agreed.

Let me know if you have any other doubt!

is creativity
and strategy

Never before has your online presence been so important. Tell me what you need and don't be left behind!

is creativity
and strategy

Never before has your online presence been so important. Tell me what you need and don't be left behind!

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